Nursing Homes

SYE Services Inc. offers cleaning services to care settings. Our crew cleans and sanitises to ensure the highest quality, keeping your employees and senior residents as protected as possible. Our daily cleaning schedules work around you, with 24/7 service.

Due to the long-term care provided by assisted living and nursing home communities, these health care facilities require a unique cleaning and disinfecting process. SYE Services Inc. can help your senior living facility maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment of care for both residents and staff members.

Since the outbreak SYE Services Inc. has specialized to offer the highest cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing process. 

Cleaning and disinfecting all around from resident rooms to shared areas like dining rooms, bedrooms and lobbies can make residents feel comfortable and secure, all while reducing any risk of the spread of infection.

Cleaning services include

Daily cleaning and disinfection of all high-touch surfaces in communal areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, handrails, tables, and chairs..

A specialized disinfection procedure for restroom surfaces to reduce the spread of disease-causing pathogens..

Regular inspections by experienced cleaning staff to ensure all areas meet high standards and best practices in cleanliness

Adherence to your specific guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing fabrics and upholstered items throughout the facility on a regular basis

We provide cleaning and disinfecting the following areas of your assisted care facility:

Common areas

Resident rooms



Restocking toilets 

Dining areas 

Emptying bins


Vacuuming and mopping floors

Sweeping entrance and outside areas 

Some areas we have served
Taking our services will warrant…
How is nursing homes cleaning done?

We understand that maintaining a clean and safe work environment is not only relevant to the quality of life of your residents, but also to their health team.

Our cleaning staff is specially trained in sanitizing protocols for senior living facilities and skilled at managing biohazardous materials such as soiled linens or infectious medical waste. We are prepared to handle any cleaning job with diligence and expertise. From common areas like lobbies or dining rooms, to more specialized ones like resident bedrooms or laundry systems. Our cleaning experts are trained in the use of appropriate cleaning products, machines and techniques that will ensure your facility remains sanitized. 

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