Stripper & Wax

Floor Stripping and Waxing

SYE Services Inc. offers stripper and wax for caring your floors. Our crew offer detailed work to ensure the highest quality, keeping your place, workers, and customers comfortable as possible. Our regular cleaning schedules work around your closing hours to avoid disrupting client’s shopping experience.

Due to the traffic on your surfaces, these commercial facilities require a unique cleaning maintenance process. Under our experience only with the regular maintenance you can get shyness and brightness of the floors. However, by the time floors start to seem dark and bad appearance. Then is when SYE Services Inc. can assist you to resolve your floors with its expert technicians for floor striping and waxing services.


The key factor to maintain floors lustre is periodic maintenance. Of course, we are happy to support your floors with that, then you do not have to worry at all for it. We suggest frequent buffed for all your floor with wax. Please give us a call at 226-7918-703 for services in Ontario. We can offer maintenance plan options based on your needs. When you think in floors, think in SYE Services Inc. 

Trained professionals

Our trained dedicated professionals can make your floors shine. Having a regular scheduled floor maintenance plan can save you money over the long run. Plus impress your visitors with beautiful shining flooring year-round. We have the professionals that know the best practice for your floor polishing.

Taking our services will warrant… 
How is stripper and wax done?

To obtain better results, we use the multistep process by sweeping, dust mopping all floors. Next, we apply chemicals for tripping and let them work for a few minutes. If there is hiding in floors corners is scraped manually, scooped up, and banished. Our experts cover the details of every corner. Once the stripper solution has done its work, we use floor scrubber to remove it. After this step, we move forward rinsing the floor with clean water and let it dry before we initiate waxing. Finally, it comes the sealant on the fully stripped surfaces. Mopping is part of this job to help to spread the indicate number of layers based on customers’ request. As all process require, floors need each layer of wax dry to apply the next one. When the last layers are ready, we use a high-speed burnisher to buff surfaces to get the brightness expected. Our crew do not leave the place until the make sure wax is settle down properly.

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